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Academic Club

The Academic Club consists of a team of students committed to exhibiting their intelligence in a competitive arena. Our purpose is to showcase and enhance our academic excellence at Mustang Middle School. This group of students will be challenged in a variety of studies through team academic tournaments. 
Meeting Times: 
Sponsor(s): Kimber Smith

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA encourages athletes and all students to be a positive example in all activities in which they participate. Anyone can join FCA! You do not have to be an athlete. MMS has meetings, fellowships, cookouts, and Game Day opportunities that help promote students' integrity, positive example, and teamwork. FCA members encourage one another to be the best they can be, bringing coaches, teachers, athletes, and all students together in efforts to demonstrate integrity, service, teamwork, and excellence in all they do.
Meeting Times: 
Sponsor(s): Jordy Bowles, Kyle Menge


MATHCOUNTS offers fun and engaging programs that get middle school students excited about math. These programs include the MATHCOUNTS Competition.

Meeting Times: 
Sponsor(s): Angie Knight


STEM Club is anything STEM:   Robotics, Automation, Electronics, & anything else students want to learn about.  Our TSA group is also part of the STEM Club.  Our after school club is focused on projects and opportunities for students.  We highly suggest that students attend at least one meeting a week, but we offer two meetings a week after-school.  
Meeting Times: TBA
Sponsor(s): Jennifer Wilhm and Jeremy Ford

Science Olympiad

Just like an athletic team, Science Olympiad clubs are coached by teachers, improved by mentors and filled with top talent. Each fall, Science Olympiad releases new rules and teams tackle the 23 STEM-aligned events in pairs, building devices for on-site testing, studying for core knowledge challenges and preparing for rigorous hands-on lab experiments.

Meeting Times: 
Sponsor(s): Shana Pettigrew

Student Council

Student Council is an extra-curricular activity in which students are given an opportunity to share their ideas, interests, and concerns with their peers, teachers, and principals. They often participate in raising funds for school-wide activities including social events and community projects. Students are given an opportunity to voice an opinion and help formulate solutions to various school issues and concerns. Our focus:

  1. Better school spirit and morale
  2. Better understanding between students and faculty and among students themselves
  3. Greater appreciation of good sportsmanship with other schools
  4. Wider variety of school activities
  5. Greater feeling of responsibility for our school and greater school unity

Officers include student body president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. Also, each grade chooses representatives who report back to the students in their hall regarding student issues. Besides elected positions, all interested students will be allowed to participate. We hope this experience serves to engage students in learning about democracy and building strong leadership skills.
Meeting Times: 
Sponsor(s): Justin McLeckie

If you would like to withdraw your permission from a club you do not want your student to participate in, please complete the 
Withdraw Permission Form.